School of NeuChem Coaching

Be empowered to support people

This proprietary model is unique to Maria Paviour Company, developed over the course of 20 years by our award winning principal psychologist-biologist, and bestselling author Maria Paviour.

Neuroscience and Coaching

The School of NeuChem® Coaching trains individuals to deliver powerful, neuroscience-based methods to facilitate empowering change. Established in 2013, The School of NeuChem Coaching’s mission is to promote positive and supportive cultures at work, by training those who truly want to make a difference. NeuChem is currently the only model based entirely on the neuroscience of learning and performance.

If you are an experienced coach, our course is an opportunity to uplift and develop your skills. Gaining the knowledge and confidence to design collaborative solutions with both individuals and organisations. By introducing methods for coping with stress, anxiety, and low mood, you are able to move clients towards happiness, wellbeing, and emotional stability. 

Who is the School for?

You may have worked in HR, in the mental health field, as a teacher, an existing coach or have studied neuroscience. We want to furnish your skills, working together to spread happiness and promote mental wellbeing in an effective and sustainable way.

How are we different?

Unlike other coaching schools, we are not asking you to unlearn what you know to re-learn our way. We understand that this approach can be damaging and confusing to the brain. Rather we enhance your experience with a unique science-based coaching skill.

Here at the School, we will train you to fast-track coaching clients to easy and lasting change. We take a fun, empowering approach to our training. We combine distance learning through our virtual learning environment, with classroom sessions at the University of Sussex Innovation Centre, Brighton, to practice.

In the classroom you’ll meet your cohort of students. You will learn, laugh, practice and evolve together to really understand how to support the mental wellbeing of others.

Our Coaches

Who runs the School?

The School’s founder, Maria Paviour, is a registered occupational psychologist, with qualifications in psychology, biology and education.

For over 18 years she has focused on the importance of engaging employees and gaining employee commitment. In 2000, she won two UK government awards for Innovation in leadership development and coaching, and a European award for developing technology to measure and manage stress at work.

Maria has taken her original, award winning and innovative evidence based research from the last 10 years to create the NeuChem® Coaching model.

How do I become a NeuChem Coach?

You can become a member for free, giving you access to introductory resources to learn what NeuChem is about, as well as a rich pool of online resources related to neuroscience, coaching, mental health and wellbeing.

We offer a variety of different courses which provide you with unique sets of skills. The ‘Introduction to NeuChem Coaching‘ is a one-day event which we recommend to anyone wishing to begin their coaching journey with us.