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Supercharge Through Change

Our approach with our Executive and Senior Leadership clients is to challenge and support them in continued personal and professional growth at a deep and more holistic level.

Elite coaching forms part of our complete end-to-end solution and is available in addition to our wellbeing packages. It is targeted at the leaders in your organisation, and seeks to help create motivating and inspiring leaders, whilst also supporting them in continued personal and professional growth. There are two types of elite coaching packages available; Inspiring Leadership Group Masterclasses; and one to one, Executive NeuChem Coaching®.

Why executive coaching?

We want to help build people that inspire and can create emotionally engaged workplaces – with their employees. Where individuals are emotionally engaged, care about their organisation and community, and will always ‘go the extra mile’. No matter what you do you will have an affect on another human being. Our humanity – our ability to engender “love” – can utterly revolutionise and skyrocket our success. 

We all have emotions. All decisions are made with reference to emotions. Everyday, you will have a vast array of emotions including satisfaction, irritation, worry, joy, passion, fear, and vulnerability. So why is it few of us have good emotional vocabulary? And why do we often feel expressing emotions at work is a sign of weakness? In work and in life, many of the emotions we have tried to suppress are the very ones that are essential to sustainable, profitable, thriving business.

"Coaching helped me to change the behaviour that was affecting me and my team – it enabled me to manage my stress levels productively, whilst driving results and still being able to unwind and improve my quality of life outside of the office"
Partner, UK Law Firm
NeuChem Executive Coaching
“This is the best course I’ve ever been on – everyone should go on this – especially the Senior Managers! This stuff should be taught in schools its incredible.”

Course Attendee, Central London Borough Authority
NeuChem Executive Coaching