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Brainy Neuroscience for Engaged People – A Handbook of NeuroChemical Leadership

£14.50 Paperback – 29 Feb 2016

In this book psychologist Maria Paviour filters through much of the research and evidence on the brain to focus on those key things that can make a leader really shine.

Taking a lighthearted look at neuroscience and organisations Paviour’s approach demonstrates that the art of creating a happy, engaged workforce begins with our attitude to ourselves. Her model of leadership is quite simply leadership models don’t work!!

28 Steps to Save Your Job – And Everyone Else’s!

£7.99 Paperback – 6 Oct 2015

My vision for this book is to support Learning and Development professionals in seeing the huge value that they have in the business. Every business relies on its people. So before there is some big hatchet campaign to save money and cull jobs, let’s do our utmost to make every moment count in developing the skills in our people, and most importantly, all you Learning and Development Professionals recognise the tremendous value that you bring to the business; the often unseen and unappreciated value.

Changing Vampires into Angels: Six Steps to Heaven in Your Relationships

Paperback – 31 Oct 2002

How to transform your life by banishing energy draining “vampires” and creating heavenly relationships at work and home.

This book will show you how to create rewarding relationships and attract love into your life.

Maria Paviour’s ideas on Vampires and Angels have transformed the lives of many, now her acclaimed work is available as a self help book.

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