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Developing Enhanced Resilience and Performance

"100% of people who came said they found it very useful to their working life, and they were all fascinated by the aspects of neuroscience, and its practical applications to engagement"
East Sussex County Council
HR Director
"What I love about CARI is that it gives something back to every employee and it helps us to drive more ROI... It has allowed us to empower our staff and help them target the support they need..."
Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
Deputy Director of HR and OD
“This was an exhilarating experience that genuinely inspired me…the content was relevant, understandable and beneficial…I feel stronger and better equipped to tackle whatever challenge lies ahead”
East Sussex County Council
Corporate Resources Directorate
"The workshops have given me the tools and techniques that will allow me to look at and resolve various conflicts and situations in both the workplace and at home"
Kensington and Chelsea
Leadership and Bitesize Attendee
"The sessions were hugely empowering and felt intuitively right... It was an enlightening experience which has given me such belief and energised me to want to achieve"
Baker and McKenzie
Wellbeing Resilience Bitesize Attendee
“As a direct result, several of the participants in the development programme have progressed their careers to more advanced management positions”
Global Construction Firm
Colin Lucas, L&D Manager
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