We Change Cultures

To improve mental wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing Is Dynamic

Day to day we can fluctuate between feeling healthy and unhealthy

Our mission is to help you support, nurture, and understand, your people’s mental wellbeing. Introducing practical and applicable neuroscience knowledge – including methods for coping with stress, anxiety, and low mood, in and out of the workplace. Collaboratively, we design solutions to increase resilience and productivity. Our mission is to change the culture, to improve the wellbeing and engagement of organisations, reaching employees at all levels. Which, according to Thriving at Work government report, as well as our own empirical evidence, has been proven to drive a significant return on investment.

Making what you do, count

We believe that no wellbeing initiative is effective until you and your people understand their true mental wellbeing.

We start at the beginning with our simple to use diagnosis tool: Care and Resilience Index (CARI™). For us to succeed in creating happy and engaged people, we need to paint a clear picture of their mental wellbeing.

From there, the rest is simple.

How are we different?

We like to keep it simple, with a powerful end to end wellbeing solution.

It’s rooted in leading neuroscience and psychology research and is being used by many successful public and private sector organisations.

We use an approach that educates leaders and employees in how to create a thriving and engaged workforce – together.

The CARI wellbeing survey engages people and measures wellbeing across the organization, opening the conversation and spreading the positive message about resilience and mental health. The NeuChem Coaching model shares our expert knowledge with everyone, creating instant improvements in wellbeing and engagement levels.

Build your own wellbeing solution

Our end to end package is created from different elements – if you have a specific area you know your organization would benefit from improving, get in touch to explore the options.

"The workshops have given me the tools and techniques that will allow me to look at and resolve various conflicts and situations in both the workplace and at home"
Kensington & Chelsea
Leadership Bitesize Attendee
“As a direct result, several of the participants in the development programme have progressed their careers to more advanced management positions”
Maria Paviour Company Ltd neuroscience and coaching, change consultants
Global Construction Firm
Colin Lucas, L&D Manager