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All About Stress

3 personal study resources to build your knowledge

The more we know about stress, the better it is for us…

We’ve developed three ebooks for you, that will increase your awareness and knowledge of stress – and how to work with it. 

BENDS – Brief, Emotional, Non-verbal Displays

An easy fix for all manner of emotions

These are body postures, shapes or movements that have a direct impact on the functioning of our brains. They are a means of changing the way our brains function, by altering our body chemistry.

Most of us probably consider the impact of our body chemistry on our physical lives – our blood sugar levels for example. The chemical makeup of our bodies and our brains have a powerful effect on who we are on a day to day and moment by moment basis – from our emotions, to our ability to think creatively or analytically, to our sense of empowerment, self-esteem, focus, to our values and ability to see the positive, or the negative, side of a situation.

BENDS are a series of body postures, shapes, or movements that provide you with a way of changing the way your brain functions – by altering your body chemistry

BENDs are used during NeuChem coaching sessions, as a powerful and fast method of increasing wellbeing.

BEND #1: Power Pose

This is useful for tackling a stressful moment. It reduces stress and increases your sense of personal power.

You can do it anywhere – if all else fails, slip to the loo and have a crafty power pose in there for two minutes!

BEND #2: Jaw Tension Buster

If tension is leading to a clenched jaw, or if a clenched jaw is leading to tension, this BEND works well if you are frustrated, angry or stuck in negative emotions about an event.

It’s great for forcing the jaw to relax and thereby altering the emotional state and creating more stability.

BEND #3: Finger Lock Shake Up

Use this BEND to make change easy!

It’s great for getting out of a negative behaviour or thinking pattern, by stopping the old pattern from taking over your brain.