Tom Morrell (CARI™ Wellbeing Coach Practitioner)

Expertise: CARI wellbeing coach , Specialist in Employee Wellbeing, Engagement , Leadership and Management , Diversity and Inclusion.

Working with: Leaders, Managers and their teams at all levels

Why we do what we do

I have considerable experience as a coach in business situations. My career in the Metropolitan Police Service spanned 33 years, where I specialised in community partnership policing and diversity at operational and corporate levels. I secured an MBA in 2004 and left the police in 2010 when I founded my own business, Approaches for Performance Excellence Ltd, to focus on consultancy, training and coaching.

I design and deliver diversity and inclusion, and employee engagement training to a range of organisations, such as Samsung, Skechers, and Mitsubishi. However, coaching is my passion because this is what makes a real difference to the individual, helping them to reflect on what does and does not work for them and to make changes for improvement. This, in turn, is the best way to enable success in teams and organisations. I provide coaching support to leaders and staff in a range of small and medium size businesses.

Coaching is something I trained to do whilst in the police because it was part and parcel of my role as a teamleader. Having left the police, I then further qualified and practiced as a FIRO ‘B’ coach that gave me significantlymore insight into the psychological aspects of coaching. I am now working closely with Maria Paviour Company and have achieved the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited Award in Well-being Coaching using neuroscience (NeuChem). I am now studying for the certificate and diploma. NeuChem coaching specialises in the impact of body chemistry on emotions and behaviour. I have found that this approach to coaching makes a significant positive difference to client employees and their ability to cope in the workplace.

My coaching experience also extends to business leaders completing post-graduate Human Resource Management and MBA programmes at London universities where I have provided lecturing support. Additionally, I am an international Police Advisor and over the last two years I have provided and continue to provide coaching support to the team I am working with in the Ukraine.

Qualifications and Accreditation

  • Experience and qualifications
  • MBA
  • Working towards a Certificate in NeuChem Coaching
  • Cari Wellbeing practitioner coach
  • FCIPD – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development APC
  • Qualified FiroTM Coach
    City and Guilds in Training 1987
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