Sandra Lovell (NeuChem Coach and Practitioner, Certificate in NeuChem Coaching and Mentoring)

Expertise: Neuro Science based Coaching and Mentoring, working withResilienceandWell-Being,Changeprogrammesandsafeand healthy working environments

Working with: Leaders and their teams, Employees and Individuals

Why we do what we do

I trained as a psychologist, occupational psychologist and then specialised in industrial safety psychology across high hazard sectors like mining, manufacturing, chemical processing and defence. Working from the perspective of organisation culture, I began to crave working with individuals within the organisations at a deeper level. I became acutely aware of the rising levels of anxiety, self -doubt and dissatisfaction amidst highly qualified professionals and skilled technicians coping with increasingly tough business environments, performance culturesandconstantlychangingworksystemdemands. Ilovetheencounterbetweenorganisational performance, job design and individuals, with all of their lived-life and current-life demands.

I decided to train as a Neu-Chem coach practitioner because I value coaching techniques that are scientifically underpinned, and techniques that bring together the complexities of our social, biological and psychological selves. Thesecomplexities,webringtoourworkplace,ourhomeenvironmentandoursharedcommunities. They set the context by which we succeed, make mistakes and generally cope with the deals and ordeals of our day-to-day realities.

My coaching style is one which is open and friendly. I value having a client feel relaxed and understood during the coaching and enjoy the moments where links made in the coaching sessions are illuminating. I have worked with employees at industrial sites across five continents, within companies employing multi-national teams and staffwithdiverselanguages. I have led focus groups and discussions with clients through professional translators and with colleagues from different countries – I am energised by working with people from different cultural, demographic and work backgrounds. My genera working style is collaborative and consultative. I enjoy the application of evidence-based, psychology techniques combined with diagnostic tools. The clients with whom I have worked spans Healthcare; Oil & Gas; Mining; Manufacturing; Defense; Transport; Power; Pharm/Chem and processing sectors. I take an integrated worker-system approach to optimising job design, reducing error and supporting structures that enable people to perform at their best and their safest.

Talent and development initiatives delivered: British Medical Association,, Pension Protection Fund (PPF) and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust.

Qualifications and Accreditation (Experience and Qualifications)

  • DipNeuChem Business Psychologist and Accredited NeuChemologist® – ILM Level 5 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring (equivalent to Foundation degree level)
  • MSc Occupational Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • ‘Level A’ Occupational Testing
  • ‘Intermediate Level B’ Occupational
  • Measurement
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching
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