Experience the Power of Neuroscience Based Coaching

Making Wellbeing a Business Imperative

Introduction to neuchem coaching: neuroscience and coaching

Introduction to NeuChem: Neuroscience and Coaching

This introductory day allows you to unlock the brain using the latest research and evidence-based methods, in neuroscience and coaching.

Through our innovative coaching techniques, we have made a real difference to people at work and in their everyday lives by enabling them to be in the driving seat of their brain. Delivering easy, applicable and life-changing skills for you and your team. Learn more.

What to expect

What Neuchem® is: how our approach differs from standard coaching

How to re-wire thinking: the physiological and brain-chemistry changes that will enable this

Creating significant change: understanding how to deal with stress, anxiety & low mood

3 essential NeuChem® skills and the 3 feedback approaches

How to work with the pleasure of story-telling in coaching

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"It was really interesting finding out how that deeper understanding of how the brain works for us in life, could then make my capability as a coach even more powerful. To anyone coming on the course, I'd say be prepared to learn a mix of science and art. It's stimulating!"

Simon Drury
Art of Reinvention
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