Introduction to neuchem coaching: neuroscience and coaching

Experience the Power of Neuroscience Based Coaching

Introduction to NeuChem: Neuroscience and Coaching, one day in-house event

15-20 people, £1500+VAT

This introductory day allows students to unlock the brain using the latest evidence and research based methods in neuroscience and coaching.

Through this process of self-discovery they will find out how to get themselves into the driving seat of their own brain, and then use life-changing brain skills for themselves and their team.

NeuChem® Coaching is the only coaching model based entirely on the neuroscience of learning and performance. This proprietary model is unique to Maria Paviour Co Ltd. It has been developed over 20 years by our award winning principal psychologist-biologist, the bestselling author Maria Paviour.

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  • What Neuchem® Coaching is, how it differs from standard and transformational coaching and how it empowers people with powerful results.
  • The 3 essential NeuChem® Coaching skills necessary for progression to NeuChem Coach® and the 3 essential feedback approaches.
  • The 6 key ingredients of the NeuChem® coaching model
    The physiological and brain chemistry changes that enable you and your team to re-wire thinking and transform your lives
  • How to use the rapid, easy and fun NeuChem® approach to enable people to make significant personal changes, deal with stress, anxiety and low mood, and transform those behaviours that hold humans back
  • How to work with the pleasure of story-telling in order to develop the Neuro-story™ and Neuro-script™ approach to change
  • Why this neuroscience-based NeuChem® coaching model works so powerfully every time – creating permanent and lasting results.
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