Dominique Stillman (CARI™ Practitioner, NeuChem® Coach)

Expertise: Neuroscience based Coaching and Mentoring, working withResilienceandWell-Being.LeadershipDevelopment,Change programmes

Working with: Leaders and their teams, Employees and Individuals

Why we do what we do

Dominique set up her Coaching and Leadership Consultancy in 2015 having spent the previous 20 years working in multiple industries, managing teams and leading a global leadership development function. Hereshedeployedinterventionstosupportstrategy, cultureandchangeneeds. Theseengagementsincludedmanaging and leading through the highs and lows, with diverse cultures across UK, Europe. Asia and U.S.A. Before that she started out as a young entrepreneur and for ten years ran various retail businesses in the U.K.

Tough times, achieving in big or small ways require strength,drive and support. Motivation to be your best comes from within but can be ignited, inspired and sustained by those around you. Dominique’s most inspirational manager gave her confidence and courage. Dominique’s passion is to enable, through her coaching and facilitated events, healthy, honest and successful environments where people can thrive. She is an advocate for leaders and managers taking responsibility for their impact on others. Her own life experiences and the extraordinary challenges (work and personal) she witnesses people juggling with daily have driven her to focus on coaching that builds resilience and wellbeing for both organisations and individuals. Dominique draws on knowledge from business, science, nature and the arts when working with her clients. She also loves to laugh and bring enjoyment to the learning process.

Current clients include:

  • UK Accountancy CEO – coaching
  • UK Pension Organisation – Middle and senior managers – coaching
  • UK Exam board – Middle and senior managers – coaching, leadership development
  • International Manufacturer – Middle and senior managers – coaching, leadership development as part of Business School facilitation team.
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