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NeuChem® Coaching – provides remarkable results in just 6 sessions. Call 01273 934136 or email for more information.

Maria Paviour, registered practitioner psychologist, has developed a unique form of coaching that fast-tracks people out of anxiety and depression and into happiness and self-acceptance.


“Maria recently worked with my son, who is 12, to assist with stress and anxiety. The sessions were fun and interesting and he was engaged at every step. Maria provided some very good strategies for him to use and I learned a good deal too. I would highly recommend Maria for anyone thinking of engaging this type of service.”   C Pennock


Maria’s own experiences as an NHS whistle-blower who suffered extreme bullying sparked her desire to provide a service that would support people who have been through traumatic and disorientating work experiences. This has now been extended to anyone who has anxiety issues.

As a result of her experience Maria developed NeuChem® Coaching™, a system that combines neuroscience with one to one coaching in order to provide a change in brain programming – within 6 sessions.



“My experience of Talking Therapies is that they can be helpful in helping you to feel vindicated and heard, but they don’t quickly reduce the anxiety that you feel and they don’t rapidly increase your sense of self-empowerment. NeuChem® Coaching does both – it speedily reduces anxiety whilst quickly increasing self-acceptance and confidence.

“Emotional abuse can be a whole raft of different behaviours such as bullying, undermining, micromanagement, even deliberately confusing mixed messages. This can be part of a process of a ‘psychopathic fiction’ or ‘gaslighting’.

“Until I’m absolutely sure I can help you, I will not commit to charging you.”

And for this reason, we provide a no obligation, no fee, initial assessment. Contact us now to book your session, 01273 934136 or email us now,

  • NeuChem® Coaching is first aid for anxiety
  • NeuChem® Coaching enables you to take control of, and alter, your body chemistry at will
  • NeuChem® Coaching puts you in the right emotional space for other therapies such as Mindfulness


You will see instant results – and be amazed at the power of your own brain – within only one session.

We now train Practitioners in NeuChem® Coaching – find out more about the Ofsted regulated NeuChem® Diploma, and how people are becoming qualified to use NeuChem® Coaching with their own clients and teams. We run two enrolments per year, September and March.



Maria has used NeuChem® Coaching to solve issues for her clients including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Cognitive dissonance
  • Self hatred
  • Fears
  • Confusion
  • Confidence

Get in touch to organise your no obligation, no fee, initial assessment: 01273 934136 or email

If NeuChem® Coaching isn’t suitable for you, we will signpost or refer you to the most appropriate path.

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