We strive to empower and share with people the knowledge and tools for their own personal development, enabling them to thrive in the face of challenges.

Why is there a need for coaching? 

It is clear the most effective method of change comes from a blend of cutting edge neuroscience and a psychologically sophisticated coaching framework – something we believe we have perfected. Our approach with clients is to understand and support continued personal and professional growth, at a deeper and more holistic level than standard coaching, using the NeuChem® coaching model. 

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Our mission

Specialising in wellbeing at work, we analyse and expand on current research surrounding the importance of emotional engagement in the workplace. Collaboratively, our team works with individuals and organisations to explore how small shifts in the working environment and truly targeting your resources, can transform your employees wellbeing and performance. 

Our Coaches

What does coaching entail?

NeuChem Coaching, unlike traditional methods, does not focus on goals. Instead, the intention is to support you to create change. A NeuChem Coach will work with you to understand the beliefs and values that could be holding you back – and will help you open creative pathways and build on your strengths. Together you will identify and access those factors that create peak performance, and address issues that are affecting you specifically.

Elite Coaching

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