Thriving at work: mental health in the workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace: Thriving at Work

Mental Health In The Workplace: Thriving At Work The Thriving at Work report released in 2017 makes it clear: organisations have a responsibility to the mental health of their employees. The independent review into workplace mental health was commissioned by the Prime Minister in January 2017. Stevenson and Farmer’s report looked at how employers can

The Neuroscience of Singing

The Neuroscience of Singing Sing alone – transform your brain; sing together – amplify everything In the shower, in the car – or boldly, in public? Singing is transformative for our brains. Most of us do it in the shower, many in the car. Some go for it walking down the street  – and how many

Cake – a quiet killer?

Cake – A Quiet Killer? High awareness? Guilt? January? Cake’s on our frontal lobes right now… It’s all over the news Dentists across Britain are blaming “workplace cake culture” for rising health issues across the land. At the root (sorry) of the issue is sugar. Which plays havoc with us – psychologically and physically. The

Why 2015 is a great year

Why 2015 Is a Great Year The knife was stuck in 2013 and the wound kept bleeding in 2014 I don’t know anyone who believed 2013 was a good year. Is there some kind of co-incidence that it was “unlucky” 13? And in any event, isn’t 13 a lucky number if you are a pagan?

Autism – Disorder or Valuable Difference?

Autism – Disorder or Valuable Difference? Article in People Management “Business is still scared of autism” by Grace Lewis 20 Nov 2014 which is subheaded: HR departments don’t understand the value of candidates with autism spectrum disorder, say experts – and that could mean they are unintentionally discriminating”. Employers certainly do appear to be fearful of employees with