Get to the heart:

Discover what people think – and what they’re actually feeling
Confidentially track and trend employee mental health
CARI provides you with a roadmap of where to focus measures

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Discover what people think – and what they’re actually feeling.

We provide the only engagement survey in the world that measures cognitive and emotional responses. This gives you unique and focused insights into what’s really going on with your employees.


Predict, and prevent, stress absence


CARI is a temperature check, not a test. The app provides a safe, confidential space for employees to be heard.

And for the organisation?

A platform for fast, sustainable culture change

Making the invisible, visible


25 years of research and development, two European Awards and one UK Government Award later, this unique employee wellbeing survey will provide you with a real picture of both your employees’ engagement, and, importantly, their wellbeing and resilience.

Use the data to get the right measures in place at the right time, to prevent sickness absence, staff attrition, and accidents.

Combine with NeuChem Coaching to raise levels of engagement and wellbeing across the board

Save money by saving people – before they go under.

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