Mental Health Metrics

Award winning wellbeing software

Track and trend the wellbeing and mental health of your company in realtime

The first step on our complete end-to-end wellbeing solution , CARI gives unique and focused insights into what is really going on with your employees. Measuring mental health, wellbeing, and emotional engagement, the careful construct of questions means it can analyse both cognitive and emotional responses – which reveals the true picture of mental health and wellbeing across your organisation.

We recognise that technology is not the answer to improving people’s health and wellbeing: it provides the gateway to target the right people with the right support and the right time for them to perform, flourish and thrive. 

Key Benefits

“The results are personal to each individual and highlight areas where we can take better care of ourselves or need to ask for help…All 8,000 staff across the Trust have access to the CARI survey, enabling them to develop their own personal wellbeing profile and access support to improve individual wellbeing.”
Marianne Griffiths, Chief Executive​
Brighton & Sussex University Hotpitals NHS Trust