The magic formula for effective change (Part 2 )

The Magic Formula for Effective Change (Part 2) I previously blogged about gaining buy-in, through using cognitive dissonance effectively.  Today I’m talking about the other factors that are necessary. If you want people to change, firstly they need to feel that the change has a purpose which they can identify with – and feel a part of (see Part 1.)

When people complain about the coffee they may be saying much more….

I often work with businesses who have carried out staff surveys and who are carefully implementing the outcome’s the recommendations. Sometimes these can fall by the wayside, though, when they do not appear to be creating the huge rush of appreciation and motivation that is expected from the employees! They ask me “why isn’t this

How to be Positive for the New Year!

Are you ready to be inspired by these useful tips on how to create New Year resolutions that you really will achieve?! I talk to Nicky Stuart from 105 Uckfield FM about setting the intent; setting smaller sub-goals; positive affirmations (a statement that you make to yourself as if it’s true) and changing your body

Maria Paviour Company Ltd - psychology of Christmas decorations

Most of us like decorating our house for Christmas but is there a hidden message?

Most people like to decorate their homes for Christmas. In fact some people get very enthusiastic! One possible reason for this behaviour could be the desire to communicate friendliness and cohesiveness with neighbours.  In a piece of research, Werner et al. (1989) examined the possibility that residents who decorate for Christmas – but who have