Why 2015 is a great year

Why 2015 Is a Great Year The knife was stuck in 2013 and the wound kept bleeding in 2014 I don’t know anyone who believed 2013 was a good year. Is there some kind of co-incidence that it was “unlucky” 13? And in any event, isn’t 13 a lucky number if you are a pagan?

Autism – Disorder or Valuable Difference?

Autism – Disorder or Valuable Difference? Article in People Management “Business is still scared of autism” by Grace Lewis 20 Nov 2014 which is subheaded: HR departments don’t understand the value of candidates with autism spectrum disorder, say experts – and that could mean they are unintentionally discriminating”. Employers certainly do appear to be fearful of employees with

Mental health first aid kit: what's in yours?

Mental Health First Aid Kit

Mental Health First Aid Kit With 350 million people suffering from depression and 11 million working days lost we do not have a moment to lose in tackling the problem of mental health issues at work. Recent research has shown that 56% of employees feel very or fairly stressed, and that for 52% of them,