Wellbeing coaching using neuroscience

Wellbeing Coaching Using Neuroscience

The Award in NeuChem Coaching: ILM Level 3 Award

This qualification in neuroscience based coaching will provide leaders with credible coaching skills, and the learning of an approach founded on the most up to date scientific research. Combining neuroscience and coaching, the NeuChem® model creates fast, lasting change, and will give leaders the edge they need as a coach to empower their teams.

This course can stand alone – or once qualified students can apply the learning to the Certificate, and then Diploma course.

This course is suitable for people who:

  • Have experience in learning and development or management and are now seeking a robust coaching qualification
  • Have a coaching qualification, and want to uplift this and develop their skills with the NeuChem® neuroscience and coaching methods

Module 1: the Ethics Paper

The Ethics Paper provides essential knowledge for the course and is the first stage of your journey to qualifying as a NeuChem® Wellbeing Coach. It will cover the context for effective coaching: including the nature and role of a coach, equality of opportunity, and how to contract – the importance of confidentiality and knowing your scope of practice. This first day is an important milestone, as it will lay solid foundations for you to become a coaching professional.

Module 2: The NeuChem Coaching Framework

On day 2 of the course, you will learn the key coaching model and tools that you will use when coaching your own clients, as well as the neuroscience behind their effectiveness. This will help you build an in-depth knowledge base quickly, and easily. Providing a springboard for classroom-based learning in day 3 and 4 to get you coaching in practice immediately.  

Module 3: Practical Coaching and Reflection (1)

This is the first day of practical coaching and reflection. It provides you with the essential skills development to enable you to begin practising coaching with confidence. 

Module 4: Practical Coaching and Reflection (2)

This is a journey of personal discovery, as we learn from each other and from ourselves and tutors our strengths and areas we wish to improve and develop. This may include 1-1 tutorials, and/or peer to peer assessment. 

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