We are an occupational psychology consultancy, specialising in coaching and leadership development through emotional engagement and wellbeing at work

Our overarching approach is based upon neuroscience. Using over 25 years expertise, we have developed a portfolio of learning which equips leaders to innovate and engage people, transforming resilience – and performance.

We are based at the University of Sussex Innovation Centre, and are internationally recognised award-winning organisation. We have a strong track record of delivering outstanding leadership development, culture change, and coaching programmes – based fundamentally on the science of employee wellbeing.

Maria Paviour Company coaches all hold ILM accredited NeuChem Coaching Qualifications, and carry out regular CPD and supervision sessions.

Founded by Occupational Psychologist Maria Paviour, our focus is to improve wellbeing and change cultures.

As our principal psychologist, Maria has taken her award-winning, evidence-based research from the last ten years to create the NeuChem® Leadership and Coaching systems.  NeuChem® Coaching is a psychologically sophisticaed neuroscience-based coaching framework, that creates fast, easy, empowering change.

An international influencer of emotional and mental wellbeing, Maria travels the country (and sometimes the world!) to share her experience and knowledge. For more information, or to book Maria as a speaker, please take a looking at our Speaking and Conferences pages

Maria also contributes significant research to the field of wellbeing and mental health at work, including publishing whitepapers, bestselling books and regular articles.


Founder, Maria Paviour

Awards and Memberships

"The programme and all of the work carried out by Maria Paviour has been excellent”

Rosina Veitch
HR Director
"100% of people who came said they found it very useful to their working life, and they were all fascinated by the aspects of neuroscience, and its practical applications to engagement"
East Sussex County Council
HR Director