Good connections create tremendous results

“I believe in a world where people wholly connect with each other, feeling liberated to express joy, honesty, passion, courage and love in their working and private lives; I believe that to create a world like this we all need to read and understand other people’s feelings and continually adapt and modify our own behaviour. When we fully connect we experience the synergy of teamwork; at home, in business, in life.”


Hello. My name is Maria Paviour and I am an author, occupational psychologist, speaker, life and corporate coach.

Everything I do is because I believe that communication is the foundation to all success and happiness in business and life. Emotions connect people, and when we make good connections we can create tremendous results. I’m a follower of Positive Psychology.

I’m scientific – and I apply practice that works (often) but, let’s face it psychology is about human behaviour, and there is always something new to learn in that. And the new stuff is coming out all the time!

I aim to communicate and work with like-minded people, and enjoy sharing and listening to wisdom, from all the many unexpected as well as expected places that we so often find it.

Thanks for finding me out here, I hope you will become a part of this and share your wisdom with me too.





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