An occupational psychology consultancy, we specialise in coaching and leadership development, through emotional engagement and wellbeing at work.

For over 18 years Maria Paviour (registered psychologist) has focussed on the importance of engaging employees and gaining employee commitment. In 2000, she won two UK government awards for Innovation in leadership development and coaching, and a European award for developing technology for measuring and managing stress at work.

As Principal Psychologist of the MPC Ltd, Maria has taken her original, award winning and innovative evidence based research from the last ten years to create the NeuChem® Leadership and Coaching systems.

Uniquely, MPC Ltd now have a team of NeuChem® qualified Coaches who supercharge business success for corporate and public sector organisations.

Maria’s proven models have been published in three books that link psychology and neuroscience. Her latest book, Brainy Neuroscience for Engaged People – a Handbook of NeuroChemical Leadership – is an Amazon Bestseller.

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