The question is, why aren't you?

As its World Vegan Day today it got me thinking about a conversation that I had with a colleague yesterday over breakfast at the Smoothbean café in Croydon. As I tucked into my delicious plate of scrambled tofu I was asked “why are you vegan?” my answer was “why aren’t you?”

This month we have been hit by the triple whammy of news:

  • Irreversible climate change by 2030
  • A 60% decrease in the world’s wildlife population since 1970
  • Scientists underestimating the increase in the temperatures of our oceans by 60% over the last 25 years, mainly due to the impact of fossil fuels

We are the first generation to truly know of the impact that we humans have on the world and the last one to be able to do something about it!

So, why am I a vegan? Read this

Happy World Vegan Day and by the way, my colleague ordered the tofu as well!

by Stuart Paviour

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