Ahead of the Holistic and Wellbeing Summit on the 4th of July, we speak to guest speaker Leatham Green about the importance of putting wellbeing at the centre of strategy, and how using the #HUMAN touch could be the way forward.

Why is there a need to talk about wellbeing and strategy?

In an ever-changing environment, where the pressures to do more with less, respond ever more swiftly to the complexity and dynamism of the digital landscape and where the relentless drive for financial efficiencies continue to headline, the Wellbeing agenda becomes an imperative.

As organisations sector wide strive for growth, or even fight for survival, understanding the significance of Wellbeing, considered from a broader strategic business perspective of the organisation, team and individual employee becomes essential.

So what does organisational wellbeing look like at the moment?

Currently workplace wellbeing is generally perceived as a ‘soft’ topic and can struggle to receive adequate buy-in across organisations, often playing second fiddle on a corporate agenda yet the outlay on people is one of, if not the highest spend facing any organisation.

Wellbeing is often consider to be a ‘marginal’ activity – something that is managed through the HR and Occupational Health and Safety teams with a focus on Employee Assistance Programmes and reinforced with activities such as ‘running clubs’ ‘head and back massage’ and in some instances a focus on ‘individual financial wellbeing’.  These are all very laudable however address a very narrow strand of what is a much broader and richer landscape of organisational health, performance and success.

Adopting a broader strategic approach to Wellbeing in the workplace has been shown to enhance business performance, enable change to be embraced rather than feared, drive employee effectiveness and engagement, and help to attract and retain top talent.

What is a Holistic Wellbeing and Performance Strategy?

The concept of Holistic Wellbeing recognises that organisations are comprised of people who are more than a ‘resource’ – they are complex beings with physical, mental, and emotional needs.  The same also applies to your customer.

In essence, it is an antidote to the emergence of ‘anomie,’ a condition of instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values or from a lack of common purpose or ideals.  This is generally displayed in organisations through high levels of sickness absence, high turnover, low engagement score, low levels of customer satisfaction, poor external audit assessments.

Developing a holistic, or integrated, Wellbeing and Performance Strategy has this philosophy at its heart.

In turn this develops:

  1. a thriving and healthy organisation that can adapt and respond quickly and successfully to change
  2. a flourishing, productive and healthy workforce who are actively involved in the business of the organisation and takes personal responsibility for their wellbeing, career development and personal performance
  3. a customer/ user experience that is consistent in quality

You’ll be speaking specifically about the #HUMAN Touch… what can we expect?

The Strategy is made up of 5 interdependent dimensions (H.U.M.A.N) that need to be approached in sequence. This allows for the differences between services and teams to be acknowledged. This is an inclusive approach involving all employees and key customers / service users.

They are a series of prompt questions which will enable you to develop your own narrative that will result in a very clear, effective and usable document.  It addresses the essential business performance challenges over the short, medium and long term as well as the human aspects that motivate, engage and inspire your workforce in order for you to create an organisation that is healthy, happy and successful.  The same approach can then be adopted at departmental, team and individual level. You wont be disappointed!

So there you have it. Come see Leatham and Maria speak and help put wellbeing on the agenda. If you’re yet to pick up a ticket to the summit, we are currently running a buy one get on free on the summit and the Introduction to NeuChem Coaching – both for only £50+VAT. Tickets bookable via Eventbrite.

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